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Permit & Legal

  • Sertifikat Badan Usaha (SBU)

SBU is a Business Entity Certificate in various fields – What does SBU mean? SBU is a certificate that has been officially issued by LPJK (Construction Services Development Agency) to indicate the feasibility of a business entity in running its business

Why Business Entity Certificate?

  1. Proof of Business Competence

SBU is formal authentic evidence stating the ability of a construction business in accordance with the specified classification and qualifications. There is no doubt about the ability of local and foreign companies that have SBUs.

2. ​​​​Fulfill IUJK Requirements

Construction companies that wish to obtain a Construction Service Business License (IUJK), must first have an SBU. After obtaining their SBU, only then can they apply to obtain an IUJK.

3. Qualifications for Participating in Tenders

SBU is authentic proof of the competence of a construction company which is one of the pre-qualifications to be able to participate in big projects, especially those held by the government. Participating in working on mega projects also provides an opportunity for the company to grow in the future.

4. Increase Company Credibility

There is no doubt about companies that have SBUs. This will be very helpful, for example, when the company cooperates with other companies to conduct joint ventures or operations.

  • Logistics

  • Environmental permit (RKL, RPL/UKL, UPL)

An Environmental Permit is a permit granted to anyone who carries out a Business and/or Activity that is subject to an Amdal or UKL-UPL in the framework of environmental protection and management as a prerequisite for obtaining a Business and/or Activity permit.

  • Factory Permit

Principle Industrial Business Permit or IUI is a permit issued by the local government for business people who run businesses in the industrial sector. This letter already has a legal basis regulated by law because the Ministry of Industry and Trade issued it. Management of SIUI varies in each region because the regulations are different. For those of you who want to start an industrial business, SIUI is a must-have.

Industrial Business Permit or Industrial Business Permit (IUI) is an operational permit granted to a person or business entity conducting business activities in the industrial sector. The intended industrial activity is processing raw materials into finished products with certain compositions and specifications.

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