Corporate Establishment

OK Consulting has numerous experiences in establishing companies and all licenses for forming corporations or offices of all kinds such as manufacturing, trade, energy, construction, mining, IT, real estate, service, etc.

Indonesia Corporate Basic backgrounds 

Classified by the Type

Classified by the Investment Type

  1. Corporation (Perseroan Terbatas/ PT)

  2. Representative Office (RO)

  3. Public Works Representative office

  4. Commanditaire Vennootschap (CV)

  5. Nonprofit Organization

  1. Foreign corporation (PMA : Penamanan Modal Asing)

  2. Domestic corporation (PMDN: Penamanan Modal Dalam Negerie)

  3. Domestic corporation (SN: Swasta Nasional)

  4. Join Venture 

Our Clients 

PT. DS Indonesia

PT. Woojin

Blue Bleu

PT. Real Niaga Indonesia


Face Flux

Tour Seoul Korea 

PT. Mega Desain Interior

PT. Kum Sung

Establishing Corporation procedure 

Foreign Corporation (PMA)

Representative Office (KPPA)

1. PMA- Trading

2. PMA- Manufacturing

1. KPPA- General Office

2. KPPA- Construction Office

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